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Pie Crust – Baked Shell


 Yields: One 9” Pie Crust

Preheat Oven 450 F

1 cup flour

½ tsp salt

1/3 cup plus 1 Tbsp shortening


Place flour and salt in a small mixing bowl. Add shortening. Cut the shortening into the flour with a pastry blender or the side of a fork. Blend until the dough is crumbly.

3 Tbsp ice-cold water

Add the cold water. Blend with a fork to form a ball. Flour your hands and squeeze through the dough a few times. Form a smooth ball. Take care not to handle the dough too much, it will be tough.


¼ cup flour

Sprinkle the four generously on the countertop. Place the dough ball on the flour and pat down to 1” thick. Push in the edges to build up the outside a bit and form a circle. Generously sprinkle flour on top and on the rolling pin. Roll the dough from the center to the edges to about 1/8” thick. Sprinkle more flour if it gets sticky. Gently lift one side and fold the dough in half. Pick up the half circle and lay it on the pie plate, adjusting to the center line. Unfold the dough and push it down the sides into the pie plate, taking care not to stretch the dough. Cut any excess areas to one inch larger than the pie plate. Fold the edges under and crimp with your finger, building up the crust along the edge of the pie plate.



Using a fork, prick holes in the crust all over the bottom and sides. This prevents the crust from bubbling up when baked. Bake the crust 8-10 minutes at 450 F until lightly browned. Cool completely before filling.


When I was a teenager in Cheyenne, I loved hanging out in the kitchen with Grandma Wanda (Pat’s mom). She taught me how to make this perfect, light and flaky pie crust. Measure the ingredients carefully and use your hands for the final mix, but don’t handle the dough more than needed.

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