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Pan-fried Artichokes

Serves 4

2 – 12 oz jars marinated artichoke hearts; large quarters are best.

Drain the artichoke hearts.


1 egg

¼ cup flour

Salt & pepper

Beat the egg in a shallow dish. Coat the artichokes with the egg wash. Place the flour on a plate; salt and pepper generously. Lightly dredge the artichokes with flour. Use a plastic bag for the flour if you prefer.

Canola oil

Add the oil to a large sauté pan, covering the bottom with ¼” oil. Turn the heat to medium. Heat the oil for a few minutes. Add the coated artichokes one at a time with a fork. Cook until golden on the bottom, about 5 minutes. Turn and continue cooking until the artichoke is again golden on the bottom. Transfer to a rack on a pan and place in the oven to keep warm.

Plan on about 6 ounces of artichokes per person.   

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