‘Mexican Style’

Turkey Guac




Serves 4

3 cups diced cooked turkey

2 ripe avocados


Cut the avocados in half, and scoop out with a spoon. Chop into 1” pieces and combine with turkey.


1 lime

¼  tsp garlic powder





Diced Anaheim chili or Jalepeno



Squeeze juice from lime over the turkey, season to taste.


Warm slightly in the microwave.

Corn tortillas or tortilla chips


Serve in warm corn tortillas or with tortilla chips.

Left-over turkey, anyone?

Crab Poblano




Serves 4-6

4-6 extra large fresh Anaheim or Poblano green chilies



Char the chilies over a gas flame until black all over. Place in a paper bag, roll up tightly and let stand for 15 minutes to “sweat” the skin loose. Hold the peppers under cold water, and rub off the charred skin. Slit lengthwise on one side, leaving the stem intact, remove seeds, and drain on paper towel. Set aside.


2 (6 oz) cans lump crabmeat (Bumblebee Fancy Lump)


Drain and pick through the crab with a fork, removing any cartilage. Set aside.


Olive oil

¼ cup onion

¼ cup celery

2 cloves garlic, minced

1/8 tsp cayenne pepper

½ tsp salt

1/8 tsp black  pepper

1 tsp cayenne pepper sauce (Frank’s Red Hot)


Cover the bottom of a sauté pan with olive oil and heat to medium-high. Add all ingredients and cook until onions are softened.

1 cup of dry stuffing breadcrumbs (Pepperidge Farms Herb Stuffing)


1/4 cup chicken broth


1 cup shredded Monterey Jack cheese


Thoroughly crush the breadcrumbs and add to the onion mixture. Add half of the chicken broth, and add the rest if needed to form a moist stuffing. Add the crabmeat and cheese.  Stir gently.


½ cup shredded Monterey Jack cheese


Cover the bottom of a small baking dish with olive oil. Roll the prepared green chilies in the oil. Fill the peppers with the crab stuffing. Now it looks like a stuffed canoe! Sprinkle with Jack Cheese.  Bake uncovered in a hot oven (400F) for 20-30 minutes until slightly brown and bubbly.



You may substitute canned whole chilies. Look for Hatch green chilies. These are already peeled, so skip the first step. Drain well and reserve the juice to use in place of the chicken broth.

Bean Dip



Oven 350 F


1 lb ground beef or turkey
1 tsp minced garlic
¼ tsp black pepper
½ tsp chili powder
¼ tsp cayenne pepper
1 tsp Frank’s Red Hot Sauce

Crumble the meat into a frying pan over medium heat.  Add spices and cook till done. Drain excess fat.

1 can (4 oz) chopped black olives

2 cans (4 oz) chopped green chilies

2 cans (16 oz) pinto beans or black beans

1 ½  cups grated sharp cheddar cheese

1/3  cup Ranch Dressing


Chop the beans and mash them a bit with the side of the knife, leaving some whole. Mix everything together with the meat.


Grease two shallow 9” casserole dishes or pie plates or one 9×13 pan. Spoon in the mixture and pat it down.  Bake 30 minutes at 350 F. Serve with tortilla chips.


Pork Verde



Oven 400 F > 300 F

Cooking time: 3 hours

Serves 4-6

1 whole (2 lb) pork tenderloin

2 Tbsp olive oil

¼ tsp black pepper

1 tsp chili powder


Cut the tenderloin lengthwise and widthwise into four long pieces. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with black pepper and chili powder.


Grill on a hot grill for 3-5 minutes each side to sear the meat. If the grill is not handy, sear the meat in an oiled heavy skillet over med-high heat.


¼ cup olive oil

1 x-large can (27 oz) whole green chilies

1 sweet yellow onion

3 cloves garlic

1 tsp dried oregano


1 Tbsp chopped jalapeno pepper ~ more if you like it hot!


Chop the onion and mince the garlic.


Layer into a casserole baking pan:


Olive oil

½ can green chilies

Pork pieces

Onion, garlic, oregano & jalapeno

½ can green chilies

Pour all of the liquid from the can of chilies over top.


Cover tightly with a lid or foil and place into the oven at 400 F. Turn down the temperature to 300 F and roast for 2 hours.


3 Tbsp flour

½ cup warm water

2 tsp salt

1 x-large can (27 oz) whole green chilies

Place the warm water in a drinking glass and add the flour. Mix the flour and warm water vigorously with a fork to dissolve.


Remove the pork from the oven, stir and add the flour-water and salt. Add the second can of chilies on top. Cover tightly and roast an additional hour. Remove from the oven and pull apart the pork with two forks.


2 dozen soft corn tortillas

When you are ready to eat, heat a heavy skillet (cast iron is best) to medium-high. Warm the tortillas one at a time for about 15 seconds on each side. You can probably fit 2-3 in the bottom of the skillet at a time, slightly overlapping. Line a basket with a clean dish towel and keep them warm inside the towel.



Serve the Pork Verde with the warm tortillas. Add sides of rice, corn and spicy black beans for a complete plate.


Black Bean Bake


Oven 350 F

2 (15 oz) cans black beans

1 (4 oz) can chopped green chilies

½  cup Salsa

½ tsp chili powder

½ tsp salt

 If desired, spice it up with:

1  jalapeno pepper, diced (canned)


Drain the black beans and chop them a bit, leaving most of the beans whole. Mix all ingredients.

2 Tbsp olive oil

Monterey Jack or Cheddar cheese

Pour olive oil into a small flat casserole dish or pie plate. Add Bean mixture. Top with grated cheese. Bake 15-20 minutes until the cheese is bubbly and starts to brown.


Serve with tortilla chips as a dip appetizer or spoon into warm soft corn tortillas.


Flour tortillas

Monterey Jack cheese or mild Cheddar cheese

1 (4 oz) can chopped green chilies

 If desired:

Cooked chicken or turkey, shredded

Grate the cheese and arrange all ingredients close to the stove. Heat a heavy skillet or griddle to medium high. Place a flour tortilla in the pan for 1-2 minutes. Flip and top with cheese and other ingredients as desired. Top with another flour tortilla. Cook 1-2 minutes until the bottom is crisp. Flip and cook until the second side is crisp. Slide out onto a cutting board and cut into wedges.


Sour cream



Serve with sour cream, guacamole and salsa.




Serves  4

2 ripe avocados

½  lime

¼ tsp salt

¼ cup Salsa


Cut the avocado in half lengthwise, leaving the pit intact. Twist apart. Use a spoon to scoop out the avocado into a bowl. Leave the pit in the bowl, it will keep the avocado from turning brown. Cut the lime in half and squeeze half of the juice over the avocado. Salt. Mix in freshly made salsa.


Tortilla chips

For a special treat, warm the tortilla chips: place the chips on a cookie sheet and heat for 5 minutes in the oven at 300 F.

Finding a perfectly ripe avocado in the supermarket can be difficult. The avocado is ripe when slightly soft; squeeze it gently to test- it feels like squeezing a greenish banana. I prefer to buy the hard avocados 3-4 days before I need them and store at room temperature to ripen. To speed up the process, place them in a brown paper bag.


2 (16 oz) cans diced tomatoes

½  large sweet yellow onion


Drain the tomatoes in a sieve and press out most of the juice. Finely chop the onions and tomatoes.


If you are using a salsa chopper, spin half of the tomatoes and coarsely chopped onion together until the onion is finely chopped. Add the rest of the tomatoes.

2 (4 oz) cans chopped green chilies

2 cloves garlic, chopped (or ½ tsp garlic powder)

3 Tbsp tomato paste

1 tsp salt

½ tsp chili powder

1 tsp Frank’s RedHot Sauce

1 tsp lime juice

¼ tsp dried cilantro


Add and mix.

If desired:

1 -2  jalapeno peppers (canned)

If you like it hotter, add more Frank’s Sauce or 1-2 jalapeno peppers. If you open a new can, wrap the leftover jalapeno peppers individually in plastic and freeze for your next salsa.


Serve the salsa with warm tortilla chips. Place the chips on a cookie sheet and heat for 5 minutes in the oven at 350 F.